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Suspicious Email

If you receive an email requesting account information from your bank, please notify us at once. DO NOT respond to the email.

State Bank & Trust DOES NOT contact customers via email to verify or request security information. However, some customers and non-customers have received fraudulent or what is now called “phishing” emails that have illegally used the State Bank & Trust name, logo, website design and/or graphics. Although the emails may “look” official, they are not. They hope to trick you into entering or sending them your login information. Once a criminal has successfully “phished” information from you and/or your account, he/she can use that information to steal your money and your identity.

If you have replied to a suspicious email and provided private information about your State Bank & Trust account, please contact us immediately at 985.475.5826.

Please refer to the link* below to the FDIC site for more information on “Phishing” and other related scams.

http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/alerts/phishing.html [1]